Afrisoccer schools’ cup is a new football tournament for international and
English medium schools in Tanzania that will be held for the first time in late February 2020. The purpose of this tournament is to provide students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to play football to do so in an organized tournament or fashion. It will provide students with an extensive participation in sports based competition which instills students with healthy competition and school pride. Through sport participation students would be exhibiting a ‘healthy lifestyle.’ This tournament will be another promotional point for schools and creating an inclusive recreational atmosphere. It is designed to providing the opportunity for students to gain greater leadership, teamwork, and fair play qualities, to allow students to compete to the best of their ability, in a fun environment, which develops relationships within and between Schools.

This tournament is scheduled to take place at one of the best and well maintained playing ground with natural grass at Laureate International Schools – Makonde, Mbezi Beach Area – Dar es Salam from 29 February, 2020 to 01 March, 2020

There has been a shortage of formal football competitions for schools of this kind. Students have often been playing themselves in their school and rarely playing friendly games with neighboring schools. Due to these limitations and also the discussions we held with some of the sports teachers have shown a great need to have a formal tournament.

• Talented players will be selected by scout and included in
Afrisoccer team to participate in Gothia Cup in Sweden – July, 2020
• Provide youth teams with the opportunity to play and compete against sport teams from other schools. Hence provide students with an opportunity for social interaction with students from other schools
• It is the perfect platform for players to showcase their skills and
attracts some attention from big clubs as many top clubs and football academies around Tanzania send their best scouts to these tournaments in search of young talent.
• Psychologically, to developing leadership skills, self-discipline, respect for authority, competitiveness, cooperativeness, sportsmanship, and self-confidence.
• To inspire and encourage kids in achieving their goals and laying
the foundation for becoming an Olympic champion or a professional athlete
• To provide equal opportunities to play for both boys and girls and
encourage girls to participate in sports activities
• Provide students with enjoyable way to be active and healthy
• Provide an opportunity to develop and increase school spirit.’
• Researches shows participating in physical activities leads to
better academic performance

Boys and girls of the following age groups (U13, U15 and U17) are
invited from International Schools and English Medium schools to
enter the tournament. The schools are required to register their
teams and provide proof of identity throughout the tournament.
We are expecting to register 16 – 20 schools for the first season.

We place safety at the forefront of all that we do. We ensure that at
all time during the tournament there is an ambulance and
quali_ed _rst aiders to provide _rst aid assistance when needed.
We understand the importance of children to always be hydrated
and hence we shall provide water throughout the tournament. We
will play at the playing ground that is well maintained and is in
perfect condition for the children to play. The venue is secured
and hence there is no interaction from outside. There will be a
variety of food and beverage vendors throughout the tournament
so students can purchase at their own costs.