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    WORK TIME: 08:00 - 17:00
    FIND US: Tanzania, Dar es Salaam
    CONTACT: +255 767 331541
    • FK International School – Bahari Beach. Training Days : Tuesday and Thursday (2.30pm- 4.10pm) Saturday (09.00am – 11.00am ...

    • Laureate International School - Mbezi Beach Makonde Training Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (4.00pm- 6.00pm) ...

    • White Lake High School – Changanyikeni. Training Days : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday (4.00pm- 5.30pm) Saturd...

    Soccer clinics

    Soccer clinics are events that bring together kids, both boys and girls who have interest in playing soccer, to showcase their talents, be trained by professional coaches


    We organize various tournaments for different groups from youths, corporates to professional teams. We host youth tournaments within the country and international

    Soccer Camp

    The camp will attract children from different schools and places, so it is only natural that those who attend will build new friendships


    We sell and distribute various sports equipment to professional teams, corporate, schools, individuals, in both wholesale and retail

    Lead a healthy life

    Playing sport is one of the best ways to educate a child on the importance of staying fit and healthy. Apart from becoming healthy due to physical exercises, the food at our camp is specifically designed to provide the kind of balanced and healthy diet that a young athlete needs. The importance of this is also stressed by the coaches who train the children.

    Life experience in soccer

    Above everything else, this will be an experience that children will remember for many years to come. Whatever the motivations of each individual and whatever path they choose to take in life, they will always remember the time they spent playing football and having fun with new friends

    Afrisoccer Cup

    The first edition of Afrisoccer Cup was held from 29th February to 01st March, 2020. The event saw 8 international and English medium schools competing to become champions with a total of 27 teams. The teams competed in three (3) age categories of Under 13, Under 15 and Under 18 for both boys and girls

             Tanzania holds first FIFA Summit.


    Professional Team Of Coaches

    Maalim Salehe
    Francis Mkanula
    Ramadhan Mustapha
    Juma Mhoja

    "Afrisoccer is an excellent company to work with. All of the Afrisoccer Staff are hardworking, honest, dedicated and professional in all areas of Soccer"

    Jonas Maheto
    Company Sectretary

    "I have got a great relationship with Afrisoccer and hope this can continue for many years in my soccer life."

    John Bocco
    Simba Sc, Player

    "The guys at Afrisoccer have been amazing in Tanzania Soccer"

    Baraka iddi
    Yanga Fc. Player

    “My son has been training with Afrisoccer for the past year, and really enjoyed the camps and weekly training. He now plays in their team and attends weekly."

    David Mwaka

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